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The Advanced Program is designed to also prepare your dog for the advanced levels of the hunt test programs- AKC (Senior or Master) and HRC (Seasoned, Finished,Upland). This program is started after your dog has completed the basic gundog training program.  It is an additional 4-6 months depending on clients goals.  Plan on your dog being with us for 1-2 years.

This is a program for advanced training, in the field we may need a dog that can mark and retrieve multiple birds while on a hunt, and be able to respond to hand signals.  Hand signals are a valuable tool when the dog does not see the bird fall.  The advanced stage of training takes approximately four to six months (over and above the basic program) and prepares your dog to perform at higher level.  You will be the person everyone wants to hunt with, as long as you bring your dog! This is an overview of our advanced gundog training/ AKC, HRC Hunt test training:

Multiple Retrieves- Your retriever is taught how to watch and memorize the fall of multiple birds in the field, and retrieve them to hand.

Blind Retrieves- This is one of the most important part of advanced training. Your dog is taught how to take hand signals so that you can direct them to the fallen bird.

Diversions- When your dog is coming back from a retrieve during a hunt,  we may shoot another bird and we do not want them to switch birds. Your retriever is trained to finish the retrieve before going out for the 2nd down bird or diversion bird.

Walk-ups- When jump-shooting a duck pond or walking a fence line for pheasants, we train your dog to be steady to shot or stay at your side while walking at heel and a bird flushes in front of you.  So the dog doesn't scare the birds or break before being sent to retrieve.

Honoring- We teach your dog to 'honor' another dog's retrieve.  Not every bird that falls belongs to your dog. A hunting partner may have a dog of their own and want their dog to make their retrieves.

Advanced Gun Dog Training

/AKC, HRC Hunt Test Training