Basic Gundog Training

Once your dog has accomplished the basics, we apply them in the field. We show your retriever how to retrieve on command. To be steady until released to retrieve the bird.  We work with you dog on how to use their nose to find birds in cover.  Your dog should also be able to deliver your birds to hand. We apply this to both land and water. This process takes approximately one month but can vary from dog to dog. Once your dog understands the process we then can begin to introduce him or her to a variety of hunting upland and waterfowl scenarios. We teach from layout blinds,  out of cornfields in dog blinds, to hunting on a dog stand in cattails, and a boat on the water.   With several types of duck and goose calls, decoys, shotgun fire and live birds.  Our goal is to try and familiarize your retriever with as many different set-ups as possible so that they can be comfortable in any setting that you might choose to hunt your dog in. 

This is our most popular program.  Basic Gundog has a three-month minimum.  Dogs with low retrieve drive may require additional training time. It begins with obedience and ends with novice field work.    We understand most owners do not have the time that is needed to train their hunting partner.   We offer a diverse in-kennel training programs were we train you dog to your families performance goals.  Whether you are looking for family pet, weekend hunting buddy, a grouse dog for up in northern Minnesota, to pheasant hunting in South Dakota or water fowling in North Dakota.

 The first part of your pet's stay we will start with basic commands: SIT, HERE, KENNEL, HEEL, PLACE, RELEASE.  We will work on leash and then transition to off leash.  The basic obedience is our foundation and building blocks for the next stage of training. We move to hold, drop, and fetch bumpers and birds on command.   Your dog will learn to heel in, sit by your side and deliver the bird to your hand.  The purpose of force fetch is to prevent your dog from chewing, playing, destroying the bird.  We train with a combination of dead and live birds.


Monthly investment: $1,200 

(This program has a 3-month minimum)

 We are limiting our training to 10 dogs to provide more individual care and training for the dogs and their owners.

 We accept Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo, and all major Credit Cards.  3% fee will be applied to credit card transactions.