​​​​​​Over The

We are proud to offer year around training to our clients.  Our winter training program runs December through April at our in East Texas training site.  The rolling pastures offer both land and water work for the off season to keep your dog healthy and happy.

It is a great opportunity for a dog 7 months or older to train in grassy fields and open water while Minnesota is frozen due to freezing temperatures.  Providing an avenue to get your dog out of the Tundra of the North and be ready to hit Minnesota spring training season.  

East Texas is home to some of the biggest and best dog training grounds in the country.  The mild winter temperatures between 30-80 degrees assure that your dog will be able to access to water the entire trip.  Please contact us at 763-244-0819 to get your dog signed up to go South for the winter.  Kennel Space is VERY LIMITED, book ahead to guarantee a spot. 

If you are going to GO.....GO OVER THE TOP!!!

Winter Trip Training is $1000 per month, plus a one time trip fee of $300.   Please call 763-244-0819 to RESERVE YOUR DOGS SPOT, SPACE IS VERY LIMITED.


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