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We take great pride and consideration into our puppy program.  Our bloodlines are held to high standards physically tested with radiographs of hips, and elbows evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA), exericised induced collapse (EIC), centronnuclear myopathy (CNM),  progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and dilute free (D Locus) and CERF examines of eyes by a board certified Ophthalmologist.  We also choose our genetic pairings based on dogs athleticism, marking ability, and training ability.  Lastly, we look at dogs personalities, their drive level, we look for the dogs that have go in the field but can be a calm family dog too. 

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Our dogs are subject to a physical examination prior to breeding, ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy at 21 days post conception, and radiographs at 55 days to get a puppy count.  Once puppies are born each birth weight, birth time, and birth order is documented.  Each puppy is weighed and marked with pediatric collars.  At 3-5 days our litter has their dewclaws removed.  Each puppy is weighed daily for the first week and then at least once weekly to make sure puppies are gaining and growing.  At about 1 day old each puppy is massaged head to toe and we start desensitization therapy.   These 2 techniques continue on daily until pups are placed in their forever homes after 8 weeks.   We also trim nails at least once weekly and puppies are bathed on a regular basis.  We use mind enrichment toys to build and encourage brain development.   Our puppies are kept to very strict routine every day; this is done to make the transition to their new homes an easy one.  Our puppies have a stool check, physical examination, and vaccines starting at 6 weeks of age.   We also spend time on puppy retrieves, expose them to noise such as radio, vacuuming in the whelp box, live clipped wing pigeons, and weather permitting introduction to water.   Our litters are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and come with a 26 month health guarantee.  Each puppy goes home with a complete health history and notes all the firsts in your puppies young life, with pictures of the dam/sire/litter.  We spend a lot of hours to ensure our puppies are socialized, healthy, and happy going to their forever homes.

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