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Overview-Eye and Hip Dysplasia Guarantee
All puppies produced by OVER THE TOP RETRIEVERS carry a 26 month hip and eye guarantee.
All puppies are sold in good faith. No dog is sold for any specific use or with a guarantee of performance, such as breeding stock, show dog or competitor.
You are the sole responsible party for the care and maintenance of your puppy upon leaving our premises. OVER THE TOP RETRIEVERS assume no financial responsibility for veterinary exams, vaccinations, treatments or diagnosis.

Your pup will have the following at the time of pickup or delivery:
1. Current examination, vaccinations, fecal check. A health examination and fecal check performed at __________________________________. First Vaccinations and Deworming done at Over the Top.
2. Health records, vet information, and AKC registration papers provided for each puppy.
3. Dewclaws Removed.
4. Continue your pup’s vaccination schedule in a timely manner and with all the vaccines required by your veterinarian.
5. Maintain your pup on monthly internal intestinal parasite control beginning at the age indicated by your veterinarian.
6. We would be thankful if you choose a name that includes “Over The Top” when registering your pup with the American Kennel Club , for example our dog Moxie‘s registered name is “Over The Top She’s Got Moxie”, but it is not required your register your dog.
7. Conduct a CERF submission by 26 months of age by a veterinary ophthalmologist.
8. Conduct a Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) submission of radiographs between 24- 26 months of age.
Any items above not adhered to by the owner of said dog will void this guarantee, as will the resale or transfer of ownership of this dog to another.
In addition to the items above, we highly recommend external parasite control program, an addition to the core vaccinations, Distemper Combination and Rabies, we also recommend protecting against Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Lyme and Lepto vaccines. Please consult your veterinarian regarding all healthcare issues for your dog.
To ensure the possible environment for your dog’s hip development, we request that your dog is not left for any long periods of time on slick surfaces, such as linoleum, hardwood floors, or tile. We also request that you do not have your dog jump off any high surfaces, including the back of pick up trucks. We encourage that your dog stays in areas that allow sure footing and comfortable resting.
Your dog’s hips official adult radiographs need to be taken between 24-26 months of age and submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) for grading to keep this guarantee in effect.  If your dog would have an issue prior to the 24 month old age, the owner is responsible for all costs, treatments, and diagnostics of any health concerns relating to the pups hips.  They must also submit radiographs to OFA for grading,  OFA is the final and only authority on the grading on your dog’s joints.   The refund process will begin only after the dog has been rated at any level of dysplasia after OFA submission.
If your dog has been rated any level of dysplastic, see below regarding the refund process.
To ensure the best possible environment for your dog’s eye development, we request that you be especially careful of any items or other animals that could damage your dog’s eyes. Cats, Birds, Lizards, and other household pets should not be available to your dog. Damage to your dog’s eyes, if inflicted by accident or otherwise, can prevent your dog from a CERF clear status.
Your dog’s eye evaluation must be completed and submitted to the Canine Eye Registry Foundation by 26 months of age. Diagnosis must be made by a ACVO Diplomate Veterinary Opthalmologist. CERF is the final and only authority on the state of your dog’s eyes. The refund process will begin only afer the dog is rated non-clear by CERF.
If your dog has been rated non-clear, see below regarding the refund process.
The following are conditions required for enforcement of this guarantee:
9. All terms listed in this guarantee must have been adhered to by the owner of the dog.
10. The dog must NOT have been bred or used for breeding.
11. The owner must be the original owner of the dog. This guarantee is non-transferable to any party. This guarantee can be enforced by only the original owner providing that this individual has owned the dog from the time it left OVER THE TOP RETRIEVERS to the time the guarantee is being enforced.
12. Any attempt to enforce this guarantee must be conducted in writing, via certified or overnight mail (or any form that allows tracking) . Phone calls are welcomed, but the date of the original claim must be verified by communications in writing.
13. The dog must be under 26 months of age at the time of any claim.
14. OVER THE TOP RETRIEVERS must be notified with in 7 days of any finding of genetic defects.
If your dog does not pass Hip, or Eye Certification please do the following:
15. Notify us immediately by telephone.
16. Send notice in writing within 7 days via certified, overnight, or any other form of mail that can be tracked.
17. Please submit within 30 days by any form of traceable mail a copy of the findings and appropriate material to be reviewed by our Veterinarian. Our Veterinarian of choice will review the findings at our expense. If our Veterinarian disagrees with the finding and upon resubmission the OFA or CERF status changes to an acceptable rating, you may choose to keep the dog and the refund/replacement request or submit the dog to be an examination by a third party mutually agreed upon veterinarian to make an independent finding. This veterinarian’s opinion and subsequent CERF or OFA rating will be final and binding upon the parties. Each party shall be responsible for one half of the costs incurred in submitting the dog for the third evaluation.
Claims are not considered valid until the owner has followed the processes outlined in this agreement and adhered to the terms and stipulations stated herein.
The owner may choose a refund or replacement determined as follows:
If you would prefer a new puppy, we would give you 100 % credit of the purchase price of $________________, for the original dog towards a new puppy at your discretion. Or we will refund 100% of the money that you paid for the puppy under the following terms:
You may keep your dog as he is a part of your family and we would not expect you to return a family pet. We would need you to surrender the AKC paperwork back with certificate of altering the pet from your veterinarian.
You may apply the original purchase price to any litter, which we have pups available at the time or planned breedings. You are responsible for any difference in cost between the purchase price of the dog being returned and the new puppy.
Any expenses incurred on any returned dog or replacement dog, including shipping or freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.