​​​​​​Over The

Over The Top This River Runs Wild, MH

River is our spunky go getter of the group.  River earned her AKC Master title at our winter camp in East Texas in 2018.  River has an impressive pedigree.  Her sire is NAFC FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy T out of Randy & Mary Spangler's Hyflyer's Kennel in WI.  River has finesse and is very pleasing in the field.  She is a fun dog to run a hunt test with or go on a duck hunt with.  River has OFA hips excellent and normal elbows, EIC/PRA/CNM/Dilute Clear, Eyes CERF.  She weighs in at about 55 pounds and has a muscular build.  

 SHR Over The Top's Don't Mess With Texas, SH 

Our Dallas is a pup out of our Moxie x Journey litter whelped February 17, 2017.  Dallas is a beautiful red female that has been a dream pup.  She is smart, VERY trainable, full of go but has an off switch off the field.  She earned her SHR title at 4 months of age, and earned her AKC senior title.  Dallas has OFA Excellent hips and normal elbows.  Her eyes are CERF, she is PRA/CNM/EIC/Dilute CLEAR.  She has hunted across the United States and Canada.  The sky is the limit with this little girl and we have no doubt she WILL GO OVER THE TOP in the future!  

Over The Top's Arlington Grace's Red Sunsets, JH

Arlington Grace is another beautiful red girl out of our Moxie x Journey Litter.  She is an absolute delight and has so much potential for upland, waterfowl, and she has earned her AKC Junior Title.   Arlington has OFA Excellent hips and normal elbows.  She has had her eyes CERF and is PRA/CNM/EIC/Dilute CLEAR.  She has a petite frame weighing about 48 pounds and has a rich dark fox red coat.  Arlington has produced some great red pups.

Over The Top Ring of Fire, JH

June is a pup out of our second Daisy litter.  She is a petite Yellow/Fox Red Female.  June is a joy to be around, and the most laid back dog.   June is a fun dog to upland hunt behind and a fantastic house dog.  Her laid back personality makes her perfect momma and the best puppy helper in all the land.  June earned her 

AKC Junior title, going 4 for 4 in hunt tests.  June's lineage holds many generations of AKC Master Hunter titled dogs, as well as master/grand master pointing retriever titles, her sire is GRHRCH 4X GMPR Rooster, MH, QAA, CGC out of Torg's labs and our Daisy, MH.  June has OFA hips GOOD and NORMAL OFA elbows.  She is EIC/PRA/CNM/Dilute CLEAR.

Coot is a Minnesota dog, a black female puppy, both her parents held Master Hunter titles. Coot has her AKC Senior Title and her HRC Started Title.  Coot is sweet heart, another small dog with lots of go power.   We are excited to see what the future holds with this young dog!  Coot has OFA excellent hips and normal elbows, EIC/CMN/PRA/Dilute clear.  Coot is my personal dog and we have no planned breeding planned for her.

SHR Over The Top This Coot Flies, SH

Moxie came to us from South Dakota.  Her sire holds a AKC Master Hunter title and Moxie has completed her AKC Senior Hunter Title and received her Master Title while at winter camp in 2018.   She is a stunning yellow/fox red female.  Moxie has a soft personality, very laid back, but has go in the field.   She is a good marker, a fast runner, and has a very soft mouth.  She weighs about 55 pounds, and  is tall and lean.  She has a light frame and is very feminine looking, everyone can tell she is a girl by looking at her.  She is a people pleaser and enjoys playing outdoors.  Her OFA hips are good and elbows are normal, EIC/CNM/PRA/Dilute Clear.  Moxie whelped her first litter in February of 2017.  She had 9 pups, 3 pups had titled before the age of 1, one received her first title at the age of 4 months.  Her litters have produced some fantastic pups, working and competition dogs including AKC/HRC master titled pups.

Over The Top She's Got Moxie, MH

HR Wards Daisy Will Bloom, MH

January 26, 2007 to September 24, 2019

Daisy is our matron of the group.  Daisy's sire had an AKC Master Hunter Title.   A yellow female, born in Illinois, has competed and trained all over the United States.  Daisy has her AKC Master Hunter Title, Hunting Retriever Title and was a certified therapy dog.  She was a hard charging, high flying hunter and very focused in the field.   She weighed about 70 pounds but was tall and lean.  We have had 2 big beautiful litters with Daisy that produced both black and yellow pups, fantastic dogs.  She enjoyed waterfowl and upland hunting.  She also had a very calming effect and was a perfect candidate for providing therapy.  She was tall enough to see in a hospital bed or rest her head on the lap of someone in a wheel chair.  Daisy had all her health clearances OFA hips good and elbows clear, EIC clear, CNM clear, Eyes are CERF, and has been blood typed for blood donation at our local pet hospital.  Daisy will always be in our hearts and we were blessed to have shared her life.