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Scott's love for dogs began at an early age.  His first introduction to hunting with a dog began when his dad bought him a beagle named Jake.  Jake was trained already and a seasoned rabbit hunter. This started his training career. Scott trained his first beagle, Molly, at 13 years of age and many more to follow.  At 16 Scott was introduced the sport of coon hunting and he was immediately hooked.  Before he knew it he had several coonhounds that he trained including a black and tan, a bluetick and a walker. Some of Scott's best childhood memories are along the riverbanks in Illinois chasing raccoons through the woods at night. Scott was introduced to waterfowl hunting from an older gentleman that had all the rich knowledge of the sport but due to physical limitations wasn't able to put out decoys, or set up blinds.  Scott did all the "grunt work" and gained experience from a seasoned waterfowler.  Scott believes it is his responsibility and privilege to pass this on to the next generation of waterfowlers.  We have hosted many youth waterfowl and pheasants hunts because we strongly believe in in the getting youth outdoor programs, preservation and conservation and the bond it promotes to the next generation. TAKE A KID HUNTING!  Scott moved to Minnesota and trained under Dan Denicus who had a very successful field trial career and was well known for his very successful young dog program and his fundamental basic program.  Scott had the privilege of training under Dan for 2 years and gaining his knowledge of reading dogs and their behavioral characteristics.  Dan taught Scott how to try to "walk in the dogs shoes" and understand each dog is very different, no two are the same.   You have to try to understand why a dog is defiant because they are natural people pleasers.  There is nothing more rewarding than taking a dog from not retrieving and working to get them to advanced hunting or getting a phone call from a client telling how well their dog performed at their child's first hunt.   Scott has been training retrievers for 10 years.  He has trained multiple dogs for the United States Marines and one dog did an extended tour in Afghanistan.  Scott has titled dogs in AKC hunt tests at the junior, senior, and master levels.  Scott has also competed in HRC tests in started and seasoned.  Scott travels to a 5 state radius to compete with his dogs.  Scott is the head trainer at Over the Top, teamed with his wife Beth, they co own their family business.  Scott guided for hunting lodge in Woonsocket, South Dakota with our team of dogs.   Scott trains year round, our winter training camp in East Texas allows great land and water to keep our training at the highest levels.  In his spare time Scott enjoys upland and waterfowl hunting, fishing, and hiking/running in the great outdoors.  

Beth grew up in Monticello, on the farm our kennel is located on.  She always was a pet person and knew from early on she wanted to help animals.  Her family raised beef cattle, feeder chickens, and horses.   She started at the local vet clinic at age 15 as a kennel attendant.  She helped with boarding and hospitalized animals providing care, feeding, medications, and lots of walking!  She continued on after high school working full time.  She was a veterininary assistant, receptionist, and performed many tasks from lab work, assisting in surgery, and radiology.   She worked with her first clinic for 16 years before spending time at home with her children, Ryan and Alyssa.  After her return to work Beth worked at several other clinics before ending up at Buffalo Companion Animal Clinic.  She was the Office Manager and enjoyed her position of meeting new pets and being a bridge between clients and doctors, techs, and staff.  She was very active with continuing education and still stays current on the latest medications, treatments, supplements, and foods available to help pets quality of life.  Beth meet her husband, Scott on a training field and the rest is history.  Beth heads up the kennel with cleaning, medicating, feeding dogs.  She also directly oversees and is an active midwife during whelping, and all after care of puppies post delivery.  Beth spends A LOT of time with our puppies using puppy massage, Puppy Socialization and Desensitization.

She also can be found out on the training field with Scott throwing birds,  shooting a shotgun/training pistol or behind the lens of a camera.  She is also the kennel's pet bather, nail trimmer, and ear cleaner.  She brings 26 years of veterinary emergency care, behavioral, and dietary management to the kennel.   Beth has ran AKC junior hunts and her next goal is to run and title a AKC senior dog.  In her spare time she loves upland hunting, waterfowling, and fishing with her family.  

Beth Ward

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