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Jackie Groe reviewed OVER the TOP Retrievers — We just got our Lillie Lou back from Scott and Beth after six weeks of obedience training. What a complete difference they have made! Our biggest issue was getting her to stay in our yard and not to dart across the road when she saw a person or another dog. We even purchased and installed an underground fence system that we bought through Scott to use when she came home thinking that this still might be an issue....well, we have her back and have not had to use the fencing system once. She listens unbelievably well, stays in our yard at all times and by our sides as well. When we see an approaching person or dog we put her on a "sit" and that is where she stays as she watches them walk by until we tell her it is OK to move again. Our family is completely floored....and we have Scott and Beth to thank for this. We plan on getting another puppy in the next 1-2 years and we know EXACTLY where she will be going....back to Scott. The part that I (as the dog "mom") thought was great is the fact that he worked with us as a family along with Lillie Lou for a couple of weeks before she came home. We had hour long training sessions so we knew how to work with her and she with us. We learned so much from Scott and this is what we practice each and every day now that she is home. Thank you Scott....thank you for giving us the peace of mind knowing that Lillie is safe and will continue to be because we all (family and dog) know how to work together....
If you are thinking of obedience training look no further....Scott is great. Beth is great. We would recommend them highly!

Duce Vang-      Scott trained our yellow lab on obedience, upland/waterfowl. He did an awesome job! Got my pup to get his AKC Jr Hunter Title! Great guy and always there to help and give advice. He also help trained me as well to handle my dog. This is the place to get your dog trained. If you want to go you should go Over the Top!!!! Thanks Scott.

Mindy Bacon Radabaugh reviewed OVER the TOP Retrievers —  

Scott did an exceptional job training our lab and also training us! He gears his training for the individual dog/owner! Scott is great at following up to make sure things are still going well once we were home back into a routine. 
He truly puts his heart in what he does. 
You will not be disappointed in OVER the TOP Retrievers.

I met Scott and Beth for a photoshoot for their dogs a year and a half ago. While watching them work their dogs and seeing how happy the dogs were and how eager to please they were, with no pressure, I knew I had to send Kimber there. As time went on, I was going to see Kimber on weekends and to throw birds for Scott, and I was blown away at her progress. Still the same happy dog, but with manners. By the end of the summer, I was going there to see Scott and Beth as much as I was Kimber. They took the time to make sure that both her and I were ready for hunt tests ( She passed 4 for 4 with ease) and to make sure that I could continue working her when she returned home. I would not hesitate to send my retriever, pointer or family dog there for any training. Great people, great dogs. I cant thank them enough for turning my puppy into a machine that has not changed her happy go lucky attitude one bit!

Mark Brendemuehl



We are so pleased with the level of training and ongoing support we receive by choosing Over the Top Retrievers . The thorough training and genuine care given by Scott and Beth has left us more than satisfied. Not only did Scott train Daisy to become a wonderful hunting companion, he also helped introduce our son to running a successful field trial with her. This opened a whole new world of companionship for our lab and our son. Chose them and you will received a wonderfully trained dog and be over the top happy with your choice in training!


The Grommesch's

Maple Lake, MN


We adopted Harley, a German Shepard/Black Lab/Husky mix from a rescue organization in July of 2011 
at the age of 3.5 months.  When we brought Harley home, he was a wonderful loving puppy and we 
thought he was the perfect family dog.  But as Harley got older, we realized that we were going to be 
faced with some significant obedience challenges.  Harley was a runner and we spent many days and nights looking for him.  Harley is a very large and muscular dog and at almost 100 pounds, taking him for a walk was like wrestling a walrus!  Our loving, good-natured dog, was giving us challenges that we 
never expected.  We had tried other training programs with Harley, but he found the socialization aspects much more interesting than the training and nothing really stuck.  After years of continuing to work with Harley it became apparent that we needed help!  When we heard about Scott Ward and Over the Top Retrievers from friends who had taken their dogs there for training and were very happy with the results, we decided to contact Scott and see if he would be interested in training an older, strong-willed dog.  We took Harley to meet with Scott and we decided that it was a perfect fit.  Scott began training Harley in April of 2014.  Overall training lasted a couple of months, during which we missed our friend a lot, but we visited as often as we could and each time we saw more and more improvement in Harley.  As his training progressed we would visit to work with Harley.  Scott even brought Harley to our house and neighborhood to get Harley used to being back in his home environment.  When Scott was done with Harley we had the dog we always knew he would be.  Harley was still the loving, playful dog that we left with Scott, but now we also had a perfectly trained companion for our family.  He was well trained in obedience and e-collar, though we rarely require the e-collar at all.  Taking Harley for a walk is now fun instead of a constant battle for direction and while he still has the urges to go running after the occasional squirrel or neighborhood kid, we can now control those urges though his training with the simple commands he learned with Scott!
We would not hesitate taking any future dogs for training and we have recommended him and Over The 
Top Retrievers every opportunity we get.  We were so happy with Scott that we decided to add a new family member and bought a handsome little Red Lab puppy from him in August 2014 who we named 
Rudy.  Rudy will be going to Scott for training this spring and we look forward to having him trained and ready for hunting season this fall!    

Tony and Stacie Woods 

Monticello, MN



​​​​​​Over The

Laura Markeson reviewed OVER the TOP Retrievers-
Wonderful place! Scott was great with the dogs, the kennels were so clean and our dog came home extremely will trained! I would recommend to everyone!