​​​​​​Over The

Over The Top offers several different training programs for all breeds and ages.  Our training is unique to each dog because there are no two dogs alike.  We talk to our clients and work at customizing training to what they are looking for as an outcome for their pet.   We take pride in our young dog and basics program, building a solid foundation that will last for years.  Our fundamentals steps include obedience, hold, force fetch, stick fetch, fetch to pile (teaches left and right overs), fetch to  over pile, whistle sit, back, T and double T, swim by, cheating singles, wagon wheel. Then the real fun begins we take all the skills your dog has learned during drill work and apply it in the field.  We take time in making sure your pet is sound before adding another brick, we are not treat trainers, a dog must master a skill before moving to the next step.  By doing this we ensure a solid foundation, which means a solid dog in the field and makes it easier to move into more advanced gun dog or hunt test training.   That is why length of training varies from dog to dog.  Our training tools include a prong collar, leash/lead/check cord, whistle, healing stick, and e-collars.  These tools are most valuable when use properly and fairly.  Our dogs love what they do and their attitudes show it!  The most rewarding part of our job is getting feedback from ours clients, something as simple as an obedient well mannered family dog around the house, or getting a phone call with priceless hunting stories.  There is nothing like hunting with a well trained companion.