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Our kennel is located in Wright County, just outside the Twin Cities, in Monticello, Minnesota.    Our 40 acre property of rolling hills includes:  our kennel, play yard, a 23 acre upland training field and drill field and a pond.   Our motto is TRAIN LIKE YOU HUNT.  With our years of experience we have developed an exceptional young dog training program and beyond. We understand every dog is unique and we base our teaching techniques to fit your special pet.  We adjust our gun dog training to fit your dogs needs because no two dogs are the same. What may work on one dog may not work on another.  Each dog is treated as an individual and is trained as an individual.   We specialize in hunting dogs.  We understand that your dog is an extension of your family and it may be difficult to have them away from home during their training program but we believe that will only strengthen the bond for the up coming years.    We offer obedience for mid and larger breeds, upland and waterfowl gun dog training.  Check out our Texas Winter training camp to provide year around training.  If you are looking for gundog, upland, or waterfowl training please give us a call at 763-244-0819 to set up an appointment today, if you are going to go, GO WITH OVER THE TOP.

"If you are going to go...
 you should GO OVER THE TOP!"

Our dog's love what they do, we pride ourselves on our dogs positive attitudes!


We reserve the right to send a dog home at any time in their training stay if they are exhibiting behavorial issues such as uncontrolled barking, whining, vocal outbursts, or any signs of aggression towards other dogs or people.  This is a safety precaution for all those involved.  We want to keep our training positive and as stressfree as possible.  Thank you for your understanding.

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